New York is by essence an international city with countless students, professionals & relocating families moving here every year from all over the world, and often with little to no assistance.

Because it is in our core mission to provide help to those who need it the most, Prime Realty Luxury uses all its relationships & resources to make sure your transition to the best city in the world is a safe & smooth one so you can focus on what really matters to your family.



Any foreigner trying to rent in NYC will face a number of logistical issues (ex - lack of credits, income, visa required etc.) which, if not anticipated & addressed properly, will prove problematic & could potentially lead to a considerable waste of time, missing out on properties etc. 

The good news is that solutions exist (ex. tapping into specific foreigner-friendly landlords' inventory, using third-party companies who can support, negotiating specific lease terms) and we will gladly go over them with you.

Just give us a call.  

Buying & Investing

Purchasing a property in NYC for a foreigner (living here or abroad for an investment) is unfortunately not as straight forward as it is for a local who may have an advantage over you.

A number of issues can potentially come into your way - credits, income, choice of buildings, etc.

We are familiar with any of these situations & will happily advise you and your family on your specific case.