Prime Realty Luxury is a fully integrated real estate brokerage company specialized in high-end residential properties and value-add commercial investments in New York City.



Whether you are purchasing a home for the first time or are upgrading to something bigger,  you will want to have every advantage in this competitive market. 

Having an experienced real estate professional by your side and getting the right guidance is the best way to navigate the complexities of NY's residential market.  



NYC has the deepest and most vibrant commercial market in the world. Our strong relationships with several local developers and landlords grant us direct access to a number of off-market commercial opportunities that we source to our investors.   


Marketing is key when it comes to selling in New York and as an owner, you want to make sure your property gets all the exposure it needs to sell fast & well. 

Selling a luxury apartment in New York City can certainly be a convoluted process but we'll guide you all along so that you never feel left on your own.



Investing, owning and managing a property is a very challenging process that can't be improvised overnight in today's sophisticated world. Take full advantage of our management program, let us do the work and only worry about your next investment.


It is no secret that renting in NYC is a painful journey with too many challenges. But you don't want to make the mistake of doing it alone.

With access to thousands of rental luxury units, we'll show you all your best options & advise on the required paperwork. We'll even help organizing your move !



We are particularly eager to helping internationals with their housing needs. The Founder of the company himself moved to NY from France many years ago and is sensitive to the hurdles & stress this situation might create for anyone leaving their home country. 

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